Sun, Sea, Sand & a whole lot of MUSIK!

So I'm starting to get that flutter of excitement in my stomach as more details for Benicassim appear.

Firstly, the lineup is slowly growing & now includes my lover Tinie Tempah.  As Sir Fleming has already purchased ticketos for us to see Mr Tempah at Wembley in November, I do believe I shall have the pleasure of seeing him TWICE this year!  For which I am truly grateful.

Ellie & I have also now decided to shell out a little extra cash & go VIP.  This is for many reasons, but mainly because you get access to a MUCH BETTER camping site, which has on site security (tent snoops be gone!) & individual toilets & showers.  I don't know about you, but I DO NOT do communal washing.  Oh hell to the NO!  As gruesome as it sounds, I did not wash once for the entire duration I was at Pukkelpop, first & second time.

However, after reading up on the Benicassim website's top ten camping tips, which stated that due to the 30 degree heat, you would be best advised to shower TWICE, yes TWICE, a day, to get rid of the sweat & sand.  Nice.  Therefore we think it is imperative that we have regular access to shower facilities...Which we don't have to share!

Unfortunately, throwing somewhat of a downer on the festivities, I have heard news on the grapevine that my ex Francois shall be attending.  With whom I am unaware.  Many of you will not be familiar with this particular individual, whilst many others will know of his antics only too well.  Suffice to say I will shortly be looking into a restraining order should I encounter him!

Regardless of stalker ex-boyfriends, the festival, for which I have always been so harsh towards, is actually looking pretty impressive.  I am still hoping that the lineup will improve, but if nothing else, we're gonna get a bitchin' tan!


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  2. Thank you.

    I am now following your blog, I hope you shall become a follower of mine. :) x

  3. oooooo what a totally spiffing line up! Tres J ;-) on the Pukklepop personal hygiene point EEEEWWWWWHHHHHWWWWW :-/ and your final issue could be sorted out by these lovely chaps :-) http://www.bodyguarding.co.uk/Services/Close-Protection-Services/


  4. It is a rather good lineup, they have Mumford & Sons too! Wooop! However, I am expecting greatness, so they defo need to add some BIG names to ze list!

    Peter, festivals are diiirty, it's a well known (not that well known) fact! :D But I definitely do believe I could do with personal security for the WHOLE festival, maybe peeps will mistake me for someone uber important & I'll be sent off backstage...Could happen, you never ever know (probably wont). x

  5. mumford and sons annnnd the strokes?! you are a lucky lady! :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  6. LOVE Mumford & Sons, plus it's been a while since I've seen them! Still waiting on some biggies to be added, but totally excited now! :D x