Thirty Years of Dedication

As La Grande Aventure slowly but surely approaches, I have been thinking a bit more about where I want to go next.

So far I have been to:
Spain five times
Belgium four times
France four times
Greece once
America once
West Indies once
Italy twice
Ireland once

Places I am very keen to visit are:
All of Italy
New York
Los Angeles
Costa Rica

So, I'm thinking there is still a lot of exploring I need to do!  However, I'm really keen to do this all before I'm thirty.  This not only means I'll hopefully be young, free & (maybe not so) single & therefore able to really go where the flow takes me, but also this is essential so that I may decide upon a country of residence to plant roots for my thirties.

I was thinking this very thought when it hit me...It actually isn't that long until I'm thirty!  Okay, so I have six more years, which at first glance sounds like a long time, but when you really think about it...I mean, this past year, well, in fact the past two years now, have whizzed by like a blur!  It seems like only yesterday I was moving out of home to seek my independence & now I'm back home planning foreign adventures.

Time really doesn't stay around for long, huh?  Starting to worry that I wont be able to really fulfill my potential in such a short period of time.  I really don't like to be panicky, but I'm getting old age palpitations over here!

I actually feel like one of those woman who obsess about their biological clock tick tocking away.  What if I get too old to be vaguely successful at anything worth being successful at!?  What if I never meet a hawt well-dressed French man, who insists on having me come live with him in Paris!?

[slapping myself]

'Get a grip Porritt!'

Oh yeah, that's right...I have the ability to do anything...Really must repeat this to myself on a daily, yes DAILY basis!  Even when I'm looking fugtastic & have a biscuit bloat going on down south.

It's taken this long but I'm actually getting back into reading proper magazines, like Elle & Vogue (my monthly read when I was fourteen & broke as a joke).  Ellie has introduced me to wearing heels in daylight (never will she let me live the 'you always make me wear heels...moan moan moan' comment).  I believe in the foundation/powder/mascara/eyebrow pencil/blusher combo for EVERYDAY, not just when I'm going out on a night out (don't think I wore makeup to work until I was about eighteen!).

I'm thinking, now that I've grappled the basics I can move onto a more advanced level...I dare say there may be hope for me yet guys.  So let's all have a little faith & a few less age-related breakdowns!