Musikal Dialogue

Along with my lover Macklovitch, mrporter.com has also featured my favourite Belgians Soulwax in their Men of Note section.

In the piece David Dewaele gives a rundown of his favourite French tracks.

It's an interesting mix, let's just say that.

On the Soulwax/2manydjs subject, I recently downloaded their RadioSoulax app, which they have put out for FREE!  I highly recommend it.  It has an exuberant array of one hour long mixes, which I am steadily trying to get through.

I shall also be seeing 2manydjs perform at Shakedown Festival in Brighton on the 17th of September, which I am exceedingly excited about!

The lineup also includes:

Very much looking forward to seeing Kissy again, love him!

Have to admit, didn't even think Razorlight were still going!?

Last year I would have chewed your right arm off to see Example, but I find him quite dull now & what's going on with his hair!?  Boy got fugz!

All in all, a seemingly good lineup.  Tickets are on sale now.  Early Bird £35, VIP £75.

I would naturally have ventured for the VIP ticketos, however, due to funding, I'm gonna be hittin' it with the muggles.  Sad times.

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