Shopping just got hotter!

When I think of Marks & Spencer, I think good-fitting underwear, middle-aged woman & yummy food.

What doesn't spring to mind is hawt cha cha cha A-list men.

But apparently, that is now what M&S is all about!

That's right ladies, none other than Ryan Reynolds, is now fronting M&S' advertising campaigns!

Go figure!

Oh yeah & they've managed to nab that fugz Rosie Huntington-Whiteley too.


  1. bahahah youre seriously too funny. believe it or not i am not a big RR fan... he reminds me of the catalog models from the big chain stores in the states (jc pennys... sears...)

  2. Shocking, can't believe you're not a Reynolds fan! He is hot cha cha cha! Also, I heard on the gossip grapeline that he might be hooking up with Sandra Bullock! Oooh er! P.S. If our catalogue models were that hot, I'd order! ;) x