Hot to Trot of the week

Oh hello exceptionally HAWT man!  Where did you spring from!?

Ladies, meet Tony Ward.  Model, actor, fashion designer, painter & photographer.  Yes, this man's talents are multiple.

Tony has modeled for designers Roberto Cavalli, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel, Fendi, Hugo Boss & high street fashion store H&M.

He's worked with photographers Karl Lagerfeld, Steven Klein, Steven Meisel & my new best friend Terry Richardson.

Can you believe this hot piece of man is forty eight years old!?!?  Dayumn, men are definitely getting better with age these days!

The one disappointing aspect to this love affair, is Tony used to date Madonna back in the day (we're talking the 90's here).  I hate Madonna.  However, I'm prepared to glance over this indiscretion, this once.

If David Macklovitch is my husband, Tony Ward is definitely my bit on the side.


  1. he reminds me of adrian brody who i've always had a weird small crush on.. maybe it's the nose. and DAMN men age way better than women. totally not fair! xo

  2. Yes, I see that! I think it is the nose & the dark locks. I've always had a thing for Brody too, I think it was since watching the Pianist.

    I definitely think that men have had a sudden uprising of aged hawtness as of late! I think I'm gonna be all over the older man from now on! x