La Grande Aventure - Dijon

I've come to the conclusion that living on the south coast of England, is not the same as living on the south coast of France.  England is in fact merde.  Sadly, during the last week or two of the tour, I started to forget this fact & became homesick.

What was I thinking!?  I've been back all of three days now & the novelty has well & truly worn off.  I am also convinced that my tan has faded, although, I was questioning this whilst still in France, so I could be getting paranoid.

Let's continue our La Grande Aventure recap, so that I may continue to be full of longing & sadness at the fact that I'm not there anymore...

After melting away in Paris, Ellie & I drove the (I believe it was about) four hours over to Dijon.  The weather there was a bit grey on the first day, which was part relief & part disappointment.  Ellie had somehow managed to injure her foot (the words broken & metatarsal were thrown around somewhat) walking in Paris, which meant that the blissful country walks we had in mind, were thrown out of the window.  We decided instead to spend our first day in Dijon recuperating with lots & lots of sleep, after being told by the hotel's reception that the piscine was closed.

Thankfully by the next day, the sun had reappeared & the piscine was open!  We arose relatively early & headed straight for a swim.  This was our first bit of proper bikini-clad sunbathing...I immediately got burnt!  All across my back & forehead.  Great, naaat.  Ellie & I nearly had our first fallout when I  attempted to save a wasp drowning in the water & she nudged me out of the way & begun a hideous inflatable ball attack on it, trying to brutally murder said wasp...I may have randomly burst into uncontrollable tears.  Très bizarre!  We did however remain friends afterwards...

After copious amounts of sun worshiping & having made new English friends by the piscine side, we decided to head into town & actually see some of Dijon.  It is actually very beautiful, very French & very much in the countryside.  People had planted vineyards in any spare bit of land they could find.  I even saw a teeny tiny one.

So here we are in this beautiful region of France & what do we decide to consume for dîner?  Oh yeah, Pizza & pasta.  Yep, we went for an Italian.  Classic.  Oh & did we sample the vin of the region...Of course not silly, we drank Coca instead.  Pffft, what do you people take us for, cultured!?  Nope not us I'm afraid.  We're far too young & incompetent.

I really liked Dijon.  I felt like we didn't see anywhere near enough of it though.  I feel a revisit is in order & next time there shall be countryside walks!  I may even eat the local cuisine & try the vin!

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