Love Affair

I drove straight to the shops after work today for one very specific reason.  The only problem being, by the time I arrived, I actually forgot that reason & got lured into Topshop instead.  Thankfully I managed to control my shopping urges & escaped without a single purchase.  Phew.

Thought I would head over to H&M for a wander, when I spotted WHSmith & was sparked into remembering the actual reason I went shopping in the first place:  To purchase the September/October issue of Wonderland but of course!

In I walk, excitement abound.  Spot Vogue, Elle, American Elle, Glamour...Start panicking.  No sign of Wonderland.  Excitement slowly dying.  Look around in desperation & then, there amongst the men's mags, a shimmer of hope!

Kirsten Dunst.  Kirsten Dunst.  Kirsten Dunst.  Aha!  Alexander Skarsgård!

Walked out happy.

It's my day off tomorrow & it shall most definitely be spent in bed, Mr Piggles by my side, obsessively saturating myself with the contents of Wonderland.

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