Love Affair

Ugh, I am so incredibly besotted by David Macklovitch that, in the most dramatic of ways, I could honestly almost cry!  It's rather embarrassingly futile, but I can't help it.  I almost died of happiness just the other day, when Chromeo tweeted me a response to my tweet about Ladurée.  (By the by, honestly the nicest Tweeters!)

Talking of tweets, I followed a link by Chromeo to my all-time favourite men's shopping website, mrporter.com, where Dave has been added to The Style Council.  Well deserved obviously.  Reading up on his biography, I was furthermore inspired to love him, when I learned he did a Ph.D. program in French & Romance Philology at Columbia University.  He also taught French & French Literature at Columbia, as well as Barnard College.  Plus he stated that his favourite vacation spot is Paris, one of his favourite cities.  [sigh]

I mean, could he be any more parfait pour moi!?  Seriously!  This is someone who's tall, dark & handsome & knows his way around Dior (not to mention Yves Saint Laurent).  I honestly believe he is my perfect man!  I think he'd even appreciate my jazz happy days too.

Maybe one day...

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