Love Affair

It's getting cold, this means only one thing, well, alright, a few things really.  It means rain on my day off.  Which in turn means playing a lot of Jazz, pulling on the cashmere bed-socks, returning to wearing my leopard print coat whenever I dare to venture outside & a lot of snuggles in bed with glossy magazines.

It also means watching series four of True Blood online & drooling over Alexander Skarsgård.  [sigh]  Eric would definitely be my ideal vampire lover.  Bill can shove it, he's such a massive douchebag!  Honestly, why did Sookie choose him over Eric for THREE series!?  Pffft.

I am very happy to see that Alexander will be gracing the cover of Wonderland's eagerly awaited return, which is due out on Thursday.  My favourite read, combined with my favourite man shape.  C'est parfait!

I think I quite like winter after all...(Yes, I am aware it's still August.  Not that the English weather would let you believe it's still summer.)

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