Some people just bring you down

You know how somethings you once loved become spoiled by certain events or people?  Like how I now can't listen to Two Door Cinema Club, because the Super Stalker Ex-Boyfriend gave me the album.  Well, my precious memories of seeing A-Trak in Cannes (I will do a post on the rest of La Grande Aventure at some invariable point, I promise) have now been spoiled by the once charming, now seemingly evil, hawt French docteur.

There's Ellie & I, high as kites & barefoot on the sandy beach of Cannes, surrounded by wall to wall HMs (Hot Males) & there before me I spot a rather tanned, well dressed, bespectacled man.  Eye contact is made, we share a smile & then Ellie & I disappear.

Later we return to the scene of the crime, this time shouting 'Nath!' in our best Aussie accents (long story on that one) & manage to bump into said hawt, well dressed man.  This time he's sitting on the water's edge, so we decide to sit with him & his ami.

Names are exchanged.  French is taught.  English is attempted.  He's twenty six (parfait).  Just qualified as a docteur (excellente).  Lives near Cannes (pratique).  He's also absurdly good looking & claims to be single.  It was like all my little French dreams had come true.

We all got up to dance, kisses occurred & then, 'poof', he was gone.  Dragged off by his friend to some club on the sea front.  Perhaps mainly because Ellie had knocked him back.  Or maybe because he's a massive cock blocker.  Whichever.

I had his name & number.  We texted.  I added him on Facebook (always dangerous really).  We invited him to come to Montpellier when we were back there in two weeks time.  He agreed.  Seemed keen.  In Perpignan, a few days later, Ellie stated that said docteur was not to come to Montpellier alone.  Spare wheel she did not wish to be.

Docteur & I corresponded via FB & text everyday for two whole weeks.  There we were in Barcelona, miserable after Ellie's Mini got broken into & docteur texts me his condolences.  He cannot attend precious Montpellier gig, as he has no ami to bring.

Alarm bells should have gone off then really.  Who doesn't have a friend to bring!?  Surely you'd have someone to bring!  But no, apparently not.  However, docteur was still keen to see me once again & invited us both to his abode in the south.

I was 'this close' to going to his house, literally 'this close', but after a rather unfortunate drunken hate campaign of a night, we instead drove straight to Chabanais.

Upon my return to England, docteur was still in contact.  Invited me to come visit him in the south of France, at his home.  He starts work in Paris in September & suggested I come visit him there as well.

There was me, off in my dreamy little world of French loving & then, the inevitable happened.  I late-night Facebook stalked & I have to say, I am dayumn glad I did.  Turns out docteur had a girlfriend the whole frickin' time!!!  Since March in fact!

What is up with these men!?  Even the seemingly hawt genuine, very keen ones are actually major a-holes!

I considered becoming a lesbian.  But, to be honest with you, my trust is gone.  Even woman are deceitful.  Therfore I think I shall just be celibate.  [sobs]

So to summerise, whenever I think of Cannes, I no longer think of Diddy, I now only recall meeting a lying cheating annoyingly good-looking hawt French docteur.  This is also the case for A-Trak, who, as you know, I love, but who's image & mixes will now only bring up bad memories.

Well thanks docteur, thanks for nothing!  Pffft!

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