Applicants Need Apply Within

So my ten day stint at work has finally come to an end, thank Gawd!  I am so ready for a rest right now!  In my tired haze this morning I may have driven into mère de voiture!  It was a jazz fueled accident, one which thankfully only managed to cause a scratch.  Phew.  I think if I'd done some serious damage I would have just collapsed in a pile of stress & given up completely.

All this work has meant that I'm getting paler by the minute, so tomorrow will definitely be spent tanning!  Oooh yeah!  Need to get my bronze on!  Seriously need to sort myself out, I've had dinner twice in a fortnight!  It's just been chocolate & the dreaded Coke every night.  I'm afraid I may need dentures by the time I'm thirty...IMAGINE!  That's not even mentioning the lipo!

On the upside, I was très happy to finally speak with Eleanor this evening, after a century apart!  It's like I've been through a divorce.  Swear down!  I'm very happy that she's finally found herself a long term lover.  Although, it seems lately that all my friends seem to be pairing up, not together, obvs.  It's kind of got me feeling all broody for a relationship.  [sad face]

I miss being in love, even though it's a bitch & it hurts like hell sometimes, but as Sir Fleming agreed, even heartache can be enjoyable at times, as it at least reminds you that you're alive!  I just need a good looking, well dressed manshape, who likes a snuggle & who can accept my neurotic tendencies.

I want someone I can buy menswear for, instead of just for myself.  Someone I can be proud to call my manshape & who's proud to be called my manshape.  Someone who gets my stupid sense of humour, instead of me just finding myself reeeally funny.  Someone who gets my need to have the YSL Arty ring in every colour & therefore happily contributes on every & any relevant occasion.  Someone who gets my need to have Jeffrey Campbells imported in many finishes, because y'know, then I have options.  If they happen to be dayumn hawt & drive a Bentley Continental, then hell, I'm not gonna complain.  M'ckay.  But mostly, I just want someone to take a chance on me, hell, even fight to be with me...A girl can dream...


  1. Samuel Macalister WeltonSaturday, 28 April, 2012

    Too bad I live nowhere near, otherwise we could be fashion icons together; oh and the fact that you have no idea who I am. Although, undoubtedly, you will not remember this at all; I was the one who said this to you, "I would just like to say, and I'm sure I speak for everyone who follows you, I am completely, wholeheartedly, head over a pair of really cute blue pumps in LOVE with every ounce of you. Sorry if that came off a little obsessive...".

  2. Ah so that was you! I was wondering who that was. Well, I do remember it & it made me smile, so thank you. Maybe we shall just have to be fashion icons from afar. Haha. :)

  3. Sounds like a plan; soon enough we will both be gracing the covers of our respective Vogue magazines.