Man Shape Guest Blogger - Sir Peter Fleming

To all les hommes & their partners (even I am aware that you have a major input into the sartorial musings of your beau) out there in cyber land, your normal curator of all things wonderful, has allowed me once again to grace the pages of, what by now must be, the preeminent source of all things sexy, stylish & scintillating on la web.

A hose pipe ban is now in place, the heavens have opened & there is a distinct chill in the air, it therefore must be summer I hear you cry!  Yeps, it is & that in turn can only mean one thing, a quick fashion update from the scrapbook that is my mind, on what you could be wearing throughout this Jubalympic year (à nos lecteurs français, malchanceux sur les Jeux olympiques et vous ne devriez pas avoir coupé les têtes tous vos droits).

Let us start with the windows to the soul.  There really is only one brand of sunglasses for the discerning male to be seen in this, or any other, season; Persol.  Think 'Talented Mr Ripley' or Steve McQueen, this timeless brand has a strong hold on one's heart.  My particular style of choice is within the classic range; light Havana frames with a polar blue lens.

Many of you will remember that I broke the whole bow tie story, before the band wagon caught up (see blog posts passim), this is a look that will still be with us this season, with all major brands following my lead.

Now, for the HOT news, this years biggest trend; rowing jackets.  I promise you will see them everywhere, (more so now I have given my endorsement, obvs).

For those of you who want the style, but wish to avoid the sartorial faux pas of wearing the same jacket as your neighbour, may I suggest New & Lingwood.

My particular favourite styles for this season from their range include:




I realise for some, the thought of a man in colour is a hanging offense, but I believe that at heart we are all dandies & have an inherent peacock tendency, if given the opportunity.  I will over the coming weeks deal with accessories to finish the look, however, for now, it is au revoir from me.

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