Poverty is so unbecoming!

These past few weeks have been nothing but social abuse!  I should be pleased, but unfortunately, it's left my bank balance in a dire state.  Possibly the most dire it has ever been...EVER!  I still have nearly an entire week 'til I get paid, no petrol & no money for petrol.  Hmmm.  Sad times, sad frickin' times.

Things are not made better by my urgent need of a mani.  I have boy hands for Gawd's sake!  This is not an acceptable state!  The minute I get some dollar, I'm heading straight to the salon & gettin' me some Rihanna Esq claws.  You heard me mother clucker, I'm gonna be busting out the claws & what! 

Thankfully, I at least have a manshape around at the moment, who is keeping me 'entertained' during this impoverished time.  Hell, if you can't afford to go out & have a good time, then you'll just have to stay in & have a good time instead, right!?  Plus let's face it, it's been time since I've had a good manshape around to 'entertain' me.

Along with my general inability to leave the house to enjoy...well, anything, including the obvious love of shopping, I am currently unable to save for my upcoming trip to New York.  Holla!  My homeboys are currently out there & I essentially invited myself.  Standard Porritt behavior.  I think they love my company really...[looks nervous]

I've got a lot of time off in June, so I'm hopefully gonna go hassle them for a few weeks...But if I like it out there, they may struggle to get rid of my punk ass.  Let's just hope I can save the dollar to get there in the first place!

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