What is it with relationships at the moment, it seems to be the current hot topic.  Whether it's people getting into them, people getting out of them, or people trying to get over them.  Jeeez, get a grip already!

Let's face it, love's a bitch.  It's a fact.  You want it, you need it, but in the end, it's gonna be the one thing that hurts you most of all.  Just remember that next time you embark upon a flirtatious exchange with a member of the opposite sex (or same, whatever way you're swinging at the moment).

From time to time, you may question as to whether or not it's even worth pursuing.  You know you'll only get your heart broken at some point, even if it turns out to be you doing the breaking.  But then you get those random (& exceedingly annoying) moments, when the object of your affection does something that makes your heart go all tight & a smile spreads across your face.  That's when you know you're doomed!

Like it or not, you're in buddy & most likely over your head.  It caught you off guard & boom!  You're done for.  It's not your fault, you tried to resist, but love is one of those annoyingly infectious things.  You can try to avoid it, but you'll always get infected in the end.

But, when it's over, it's over & you can cry all the hot sticky tears you like, but they won't change the facts.  What's done is done.  Love came, bit you in the ass, made you its bitch & then dumped you on the floor & kicked you to the curb.  Deal with it!

Okay, so knowing it's over & accepting it's over are two very different things.  However, you can choose to spend a lifetime clinging onto what you once had, which yes, may have been great...at the time, or you can get the fuck over it & embrace who you've got standing in front of you.

Love isn't a one-off offer, that ticket's gonna be coming round again & again & again...& yeah, it'll kick your ass again & again & again...But that's half the fun, isn't it?

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