Summer Lovin'

It appears the summer season is on the horizon & I for one am glad.  I am done with winter snaps & Spring drizzles.  Over the past few months I have been working tirelessly on rejuvenating my wardrobe & creating a more capsule solution.

So far it includes a lot of sheer blouses, pastel skinnies, jersey pencil skirts & a whole lotta heels!  For once I can go to my wardrobe, pick something out & then actually have something else to wear with it, instead of my usual random pieces that I usually impulse buy.  I'm like a frickin' magpie when I go shopping.  Anything remotely lace, colourful & generally unmatchable & I'm in!

But no more!  Now, if I have nothing to match it with in my wardrobe, it's not gettin' put in the basket!  I am keeping strong to this resolution & it is paying off in dividends.  Especially when the sun is out & I'm busting the floral jersey pencil skirt & cerise blouse down at the beach (casual).

Talking of which I have been loving H&M's new floral collection!  Totes amaze!  I have both the tailored trousers & the jersey pencil skirt & I am still to purchase the floral sheer blouse.  That's right bitches, I'm gonna get me the whole friggin collection!  And what!

Unfortunately, due to spending most of my dollar on clothes, my social status has greatly declined due to lack of funding.  It's like, do I go out dressed inappropriately last season, or do I stay in wearing something rad.  I mean, should I really be forced to have to make this decision!  I need a better income STAT!  Especially now I have a fully fledged shopping habit.

I think it might be time to actually do the whole job search thing...AGAIN!  It's such a drag though, I mean really!  I just need an amazing job that requires me to be über creative, stylish & paid exceptionally well.  Is that really too dayumn much to ask for!  Jeez!

On the upside of all this financial/style dilemma, I have at least been exploring my dating options & I am happy to say I am fully ready to step out of my man-shape hibernation & get back to manipulating the damn market!  Plus, now that I'm sporting my geek-chic (& I'd like to add prescription) specs, I can actually make informed decisions, not just blind guesses, about whether a guy is hot to trot or just better from a far.

If I can find me a Jon Kortajarena doppelganger then I'll be happy.  I don't think that's being fussy.

Off to go organise my wardrobe...

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