Easter Blues

Urgh, what a wash out this Easter weekend was!  There is honestly only so much chilling I can do!  Hell, there's only so much chocolate eating I can do!  Okay I lied about the last part.

After picnicking on the beach with some of my favourite people, whilst the weather was still reasonably warm & positive in nature, the rest of the weekend took a gradual decline into utter boredom!  Mère thankfully coughed up an egg (Green & Black's naturally) & I took to my bed with an ache in my head & the May issue of Vogue under arm & proceeded to watch the entire first series of New Girl on my Mac.

Although utterly bor to the ing, I have at least had time to contemplate the important things in life, such as my hair colour.  Which I have decided I am so over!  I've definitely concluded that brunettes do not have more fun!  Therefore I have decided it's back to the bleach & then onto the lilac!

Ivania over at LOVE AESTHETICS works this shade really well & after my grey love affair last year, I think this could be the one!

So watch out, another few weeks & I could be werkin' the purple rinse!

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