The crumbs that surround me.

I swear there is something about The Oaks, it's like an inspiration vortex.  One month away in Reading, going on daily brisk walks through muddy fields & dense forests, salads & fruit on high consumption, the odd yoga & meditation session & an abundance of inspiration.  Now back, I can barely be inclined to arise in the morning, let alone get dressed & into a downward dog.  Nope, it's no good, my time here is very clearly done.

Flight booked, I have one week to prepare myself before returning to Italy.  First things first, making time for friends.  I've already previously discussed the importance of solid friendships.  It is always important to make time for those you love.  Not to be morbid but, none of us know how long we have & the worst thing you can do, is take each other for granted.  Regardless of anything, with my entire life surrounded around travel, I honestly don't know when I will see some of my friends again!  Better to make the most, whilst I have the opportunity.

Tomorrow I shall be heading into town to stock up on essentials; Green & Black's 70% dark chocolate, chia seeds & organic soap.  Fruit, nuts, vegetables & salad may be in abundance in Italy, but good quality, vegan friendly, affordable chocolate is surprisingly hard to find.  Don't even get me started on natural organic skincare & superfoods.  I don't even think the majority of Italians even know what a vegan is!

Of course, all this packing & itinerary planning, is taking its toll on my stress levels.  My once determined, healthy eating mind, is starting to wane & my biscuit cravings are currently at a high.  How much weight can I possibly gain in a week?!  [nibbles on another bourbon]  Get me to Italy!!!

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