RECIPE: Cacao Boosted Raw Chili

I have to say, looking back through my photos from my summer abroad, I really am longing for the warmth of the sun beaming down on my bare skin, sand beneath my toes & the sound of waves gently crashing into the shore.

Looking out into the bleary English sky, at it's grey clouds, rain trickling down the window panes, whilst I cling to the radiators, on at full blast, I inwardly weep.  To keep me going through these dreary winter months, I have been taking comfort in food & am thankful that, there are some delicious, healthy options available, such as this:

Cacao Boosted Raw Chili


This wonderful recipe is provided by Elenore, over at Earthsprout.  Full of chili peppers to kick start your circulation (helpful in keeping you warm!), aid your digestion & boost your immune system (especially useful during flu season).  Along with a little hint of cacao, just to add an additional health boost, as well as an unusual, but delicious taste combination.  C'est magnifique!

What are your favourite warming recipes for winter?

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