REVIEW: Booja Booja Hunky Punky Chocolate 'ice cream'

Hallelujah!  At long last, a dairy free ice cream has come along, that is so good, so delicious & so surprisingly guilt free, that I could happily eat the entire tub, in one sitting & not feel in the slightest bit naughty.

Booja Booja's Hunky Punky Chocolate dairy free alternative to ice cream, has only four, yes FOUR, ingredients.  Water, agave syrup, cashew nuts & cocoa powder.  That's it.  All natural, all organic & completely soy & gluten free!

Having always loved their truffle range, which by the by, are melt-in-the-mouth delicious, I was overwhelmed with excitement when I discovered they had produced a range of ice cream!

There are currently five flavours to choose from; Keep Smiling Vanilla M'Gorilla, Feisty Rollercoastery Ginger, Coconut Hullabaloo, Pompompous Maple Pecan & Hunky Punky Chocolate, which is my first to devour.

After letting the tub sit for a few minutes, so as to let the ice cream gently soften, I grazed the edge of the tub with a spoon & took a mouthful.  Having never been a big fan of chocolate ice cream, I can now say I am fully converted.  A taste of almost mousse like consistently when fully softened, with a pure chocolate flavour.  Booja Booja have ticked all the right boxes when delivering this culinary masterpiece & with only four natural, organic ingredients, this sweet treat is one that comes entirely guilt free.

This pot didn't last two days in my greedy paws & now I am eager to try all of the other flavours on offer!

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