RECIPE: Raw fig, cherry, lavender & honey cake

Upon my return to England & veganism, I wanted to really start looking after myself & think more consciously about what I was putting into my body.  (Four months of gelato, pasta & vino everyday, certainly takes its toll on the ol' bikini body.)  I chose to cut out all processed food & really cut down on my sugar intake.  You'd be surprised how many things have sugar in them these days.  You think you're being good not eating that bar of chocolate today?  Well, did you see that there was sugar in the bread you made toast with this afternoon?  Or in the baked beans you lavished on top?  See how easy it is to eat unhealthily without even realising it!

Well, cutting out processed foods & eating healthily sounds like hard work & what about if you're like me & your life is somewhat ruled by a sweet tooth?  Well, that's where research comes in & ta-dah!  You find yourself looking at things like this beautiful, all natural, raw cake.

Raw fig, cherry, lavender & honey cake


Made by the talented guys at Ascension Kitchen, a great spot for yummy but healthy food ideas, you can find the simple recipe for this glorious delight here.

Proof that eating healthily doesn't have to be boring, or hard work.

*Whilst this cake does have honey in it & having been a strict vegan in the past, I know that the majority of vegans choose not to eat it.  However, I personally have come back to veganism on the more relaxed front & I've decided to keep it in my diet.  In case you were wondering.

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