Battle of The Sexes

I've come to the conclusion that dating & I are not compatible.  I've been on three dates since I moved to the coast, NINE months ago!  The first taught me that there is not one suitable suitor living in this part of the country.  The second taught me that guys in bands are definitely not suitable love interests, unless you want to feel used, abused & foolish.  Finally the third taught me that if you have to convince a guy to go on a date with you, he's probably not gonna be Mr Right.

So yes, my dating experiences have been rather educational, if not entirely disappointing.  However, I think it's time to take all these valuable lessons on board & actually do something with them.  First things first I am a HUNDY percent taking myself out of the dating game.  I think some space between myself & the cattle market is definitely a good idea.

Now is the time to work on another area of my life: my career but of course!  Hence my appointment with a recruitment agency in London next week.  Yes mes amis, I am finally attempting to become a hoefessional & earn some real dollar.  No more of this part-time shizzle.  The particular recruiter I am seeing has managed to get two of mes amis jobs in Mayfair, so one is hopeful.

Is it wrong that my main concern is my working wardrobe & what I'm going to wear to the interview?  (I can pull leather leggings, right?)  I have had to come to terms with the fact that 6am starts will be a massive factor.  Crucial beauty sleep may be depleted & time spent in the mirror may take a battering.  Although, I guess there is always the hour & a half train ride to sort these things out.  [yawn]

Working in London will at least afford me an improved social life.  Cocktails anyone!?  Anyway, I've got to earn some bigger bucks, 'cause I gotta finally get me one of these babies:

♡  Love you Michael Kors!  ♡

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