Let's shake it!

Ugh, it's been an exceptionally busy past week or two.  My writing skills appear to have died a slow death in all of the hooha.

I got really sicky sicky poo poo last week & it had failed to clear by the weekend.  After a stroppy (nearly tear-filled) breakdown, I managed to pull myself together, jump in the car & drive the two hours to Brighton for the awesomeness that was Shakedown Festival!

Unfortunately, due to shitty public transport, Ellie & I managed to arrive two hours after the gates opened.  Thankfully we didn't miss any of the decent acts!

One half of Jaymo & Andy George did a pretty decent set, shortly followed by the legend that is Kissy Sell Out.  That dude is so incredibly fine!  Oooh yeah, I'm all over the Kissy Klub like a heat rash!  After Kissy came Zane Lowe, who I admittedly missed when I popped to the portaloo & seemingly never returned.  The queues for the loos were atrocious & my bladder nearly exploded with the agony of holding in the gallons of vodka & Red Bull I'd consumed.

Met a manshape, who in my 'heightened' state seemed like new boyfriend material.  Bumped into a few of Ellie's menshape friends.  Left everyone to go enjoy the wonderment of 2manydjs.  Soon left (drugs leave you with ADD I swear).  Went back in search of new boyfriend material.  Found him.  No longer felt the same.  Left him, bumped into Gunfest boys.  It started to rain.  My appearance resembled that of a drowned rat.

Left the festival ground before it all finished.  Got a bus back into town.  Changed from Hunters to heels.  Popped into Audio for a bit of Two Bears.  Met someone I thought was one of the bears...He wasn't.  Later his friend gave Ellie & I a glass of champagne.  Champagne was 'dish water' according to some guy I met at the bar, who subsequently threw it on the floor.  Ellie ordered Pomegranate Mojitos.  Mojitos were shit.  We weren't doing well on the drinks front.

New boyfriend material turned up at Audio.  Sweet but unfortunately our time had passed.  Sobered up.  Went home.  Slept.  Woke up more ill than before.  Great.  All in all, great festival, good weekend.  Nuff said.

P.S. Apologies for the toshy pictures...iPhone crapness!

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