Le Temps De Poulet!

Have returned from a brief, but lovely, visit to my hometown, The Oaks.  FINALLY used up my WHOLE FREE poulet at Nando's!  Been hoarding that for time!  Myself, Ms Warner, Miss James, The Ex-Roomie, Lady Rawlinson & Jospeh all gathered for a poulet feast!  I would like to say, I had a (bottomless) Coke for the first time in over a week!  I hope you're proud...Of the giving up bit, not the having one...Anyway, it was so nice to see everyone & all together too.  I miss everyone so much, it's so hard being on my own here by the coast.  Sad times.

I did also get my car serviced too whilst I was in town & he his so shiny shiny now!  I will admit, I only clean my car once a year...When he gets serviced.  It's shameful, I know.  But it's like money going to waste when he gets dirty again within a nano second!  I'd rather spend the money on Vogue!  Precious nourishing Vogue.  [sigh]

When I got back today I somehow managed to break another bloody nail, get this, pulling up my handbrake!  I kid you not.  It bloody hurt too.  What's worse is, I always get my nails done in The Oaks & I decided to be kind to my fragile purse strings & not bother...Then I break a nail.  FML!  I need to find a new salon more local to me.  STAT!

On a plus side, I'm getting very excited about my Jeffrey Campbell Litas!  I got an email today to say they'd been dispatched.  Mère's currently staying in The Oaks with Mr Piggles & I have work the rest of the week, so I'll cry large small tears if I have problems with delivery!  It's hard enough when I order from MAC!  Once they have arrived, providing they actually fit, I shall post piccies to further entertain you.  Jokes.

Until then, it's just me, at home, on my own, without Mr Piggles to snuggle.  [sniff sniff]

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