Tough Times

So today has been incredibly hard for me, in fact, I won't lie, the past few weeks have been awful.  It's not a subject I like to talk about too often, as I hate dark tales, which only tend to bore people, but unfortunately my depression has been hitting me with a vengeance.  As I have mentioned before, I have manic-depression & it sucks ass.  My highs are HIGH & my lows are crippling.  It isn't as interesting to read/talk about as celeb gossip or fashion, but sometimes we have to be honest & discuss it, if not just so we don't feel alone.

So unfortunately, you're getting a piece of it today.  I think I got myself into this ridiculously HIGH space when I cam back from La Grand Aventure, thinking of all these changes I would make in my life & now two months later I'm falling apart, in affect because of them.  The recruitment agency have not been as helpful as I was hoping.  They called me today & apparently I've been passed on from the original recruiter to someone else in the team, which no-one had talked to me about.  Plus I have to go to this wretched 'workshop' in London next week.  I loathe crap like that.  So the whole job searching thing is just way too stressful to even contemplate right now in the space that I'm in.  Y'see, this is why MD is such a bitch!  I can't concentrate on this kinda thing, I lose interest!

What I haven't lost interest in & we're heading back to fashion now, are the Jeffrey Campbell Litas.  For what must be going on nine months now, I have been quite literally OBSESSED with getting my paws on a pair of these shoes.  Then, late last night, I have this email from Urban Outfitters & low & behold they are now selling them online!  I was like 'it's a sign!', not to mention a frickin' miracle!  I mean, I was ready to get a pair of these babies imported they were so rare in the UK!  The UO ones are tan suede with a light heel.  I originally wanted black leather or suede, as I figured they would go with more, but then the other day I wore this sweet white lace dress with a green & pink print kimono (as seen in my profile picture) that I picked up in Toulouse & realised that I have no shoes to wear with them, as all of my shoes seem to be black!  In the end I wore my tan brogues, but still!

I did eventually manage to find the Litas in black leather on Office's website, but had the aforementioned dilemma & decided it would probably be best to go tan.  I got a bit caught up in the decision making at the time & so decided to sleep on it.  Then this morning I awoke to another email from UO, this time with a code for fifteen percent off!  I was like man, that is a sign if ever I needed one!  I got home from work, balled my eyes out (depression's a bitch) & then headed for my laptop to purchase.  Only Firefox wouldn't let the purchase go through (cache problem or something redic), which sent me into a flying rage, where I broke a nail!!!  Did I mention I no longer have boy hands now?  Yeah, I got my nails did & then I went & snapped a corner off the thumb nail!  Can you imagine my already puffy face?  I mean tears, there were tears.  Luckily I got over all this dramz, superglued it back on (yes I did!) & used Safari to purchase my precious Litas instead!

Moral of the story?  I now have some GORGEOUS Jeffrey Campbell tan suede Litas on their way to me for a SNIP of the price (£102 WITH FREE delivery)!  I may have depression, no money & a bruised overdraft, but I'm gonna be an impoverished depressive with gorgeous shoes, dayumn it!

P.S. If you too wish to purchase these beauties at this fabulous price, simply go to Urban Outfitters, put those babies in your basket & enter the code AW11CAT at the checkout.  Hurry though, 'cause they sold out of size three in like a day!  (I'm hoping my size fours are going to fit!)  You're welcome.

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