la première partie

I've been absent.  I apologise.  I'm back now.  Honest.  Things, so many things, have been keeping me away from you.  Firstly, organising a 50th birthday tea party, for one of the most unsociable people I know; mère.

A good few weeks were spent awkwardly making arrangements for it, without her knowing.  Surprises & I don't go down too well.  I'm a known snitch.  But I managed it.  Although the stress of it certainly got to me & me being me, the organisation of this task was left very much down to the last minute.  There was me, the night before, baking three different types of cake at gone one in the morning.  But, regardless of all the stress involved, the birthday girl seemed to have a good time.  Especially for someone so anti-social.

I would like to state that the Victoria Sponge, Buttermilk Scones & Banofee Cupcakes were my contribution, oh & the Pimm's punchbowl, which I think mère had the majority of.  Drunkard.

When the party was finally over, the famille et moi went for cocktails for my cousin Kate's birthday.  There were cocktails, cocktail umbrellas, bartender oggling & then some shots...some more shots & then it just went downhill from there.  I won't lie, there were ill conceived dance-offs.  My cousin inadvertently cock-blocking me, as everyone thought he was my boyfriend!  (Ick factor 3000!)  Then to top it all off, their sister popped out a sprog at two in the morning.  Gawd, what a day!


  1. hahaha, thank you so much, you are a shining superstar and it was a beautiful beautiful tea party <3 love you