la deuxième partie

In the midst of my abandonment, I have finally arranged my birthday vacay!  I haven't been able to spend a birthday in England since I was seventeen.  After I spent my eighteenth birthday in Paris, I realised that birthday vacays were the way forward.  Otherwise it's just twenty four hours of disappointment.  True story.

My original idea of spending a week chillaxing in Tuscany, got dropped for my usual Parisian jaunt, which then later got kicked to the curb for a week in Barcelona!  We're talking hours upon hours spent bronzing on the beach, sipping copious amounts of Sangria & indulging in floral ice creams.  I don't think I could have simplified it any more really.

In my traditional random nature, my traveling companion shall be none other than Miss Wall of The Tea Drinking English Rose.  Yes, we may have only met once, but hey, when you know you know, right?  It doesn't take me long to know if I like someone or not & trust me, I don't like a lot of people.  I may look nice, but I'm a mean bitch.


  1. I <3 you miss porritt. We have a connection..! I canne wait. we have some adventures lined up! xxx

  2. I <3 you too Miss Wall. I think Barcelona better watch out, 'cause we're too hawt bitches ready to have some fuuun! xxx