Just give me everything I want & nobody gets hurt!

¿Cómo estás bitches?  I received my very first birthday card yesterday!  All the way from my homeland; France!  Albeit, exceptionally early, it was very exciting to receive & now that we are in the lead up to the big day (yes, I still get excited for birthdays), I believe it is now time to provide you with my official birthday wish list.  Y'know, so you know what to get me & you bitches better get me something!

número uno

 Religion Ford Sunglasses - £50.00
These acrylic bad bois are gonna be parfait for my 90's minimal chic wardrobe.
Obviously, due to my (most likely hereditary) blindness, I will require them to have prescription lenses.  Luckily for you, my favourite website; eyewearbrands.com do free lenses & free delivery & are cheaper than anywhere else.  You're welcome.

número dos
MAC Impeccable Brow Pencil - £11.50
 Don't ever feel that you're copping out by buying me the essentials, 'cause believe me, nothing makes me happier than the gift of MAC!  Especially when we are talking about brow pencils.  I wasn't naturally blessed with full shapely brows & so, this item is my lifeline.  I had always used it in Dirty Blonde, but then I thought I'd take a gamble & change to Blonde, after I bleached my hair.  This was unfortunately a gamble which failed to pay off, as I now have seemingly amber hued arches.  I checked MAC's website & for some horrifying & unknown reason, they no longer seem to list either of these colours, so I'd advise you visit a counter.

número tres
MAC Bronzing Powder - £18.50
 Along with my need for pencil, my need for bronzer is equally important & life assisting!  My naturally porcelain skin, requires this level of coverage to make me appear less Edward Cullen & more Eva Mendes.  I usually opt for the Matte Bronze.

número cuatro
MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 - £19.50
In order for me to look as fabulous as I clearly am, I need this foundation in my life!  It's max coverage & hey, it's even SPF 15, so extra brownie points for me.  I used to use the palest shade they had, but then I realised that bronze is best, so now I'm all over NC25 like a heat rash.

número cinco
 Topman Denim Shirt - £30.00
I've posted on this before, that's how much I like it.  I have a thing for menswear, what can I say!
número seis

River Island Rucksack - £30.00
Again, posted this twinky before.  Even popped into River Island today & had a casual try-on.  Think this could totes work for me.

There's not particularly anything else I want...That isn't lovingly expensive, so y'know.  
I'm a list kinda girl, so don't waste your hard earned dollar on something you think I might like...'Cause I probably won't like it & then I'll have to incur bad karma lying to you that I do.  Failing everything, Topshop vouchers are always welcome.  But, I don't mind doubling up on the cosmetics side of things.  You can never have too much MAC.

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