Free like a bird & this bird you cannot change

After what has seemed like an eternity, I finally got paid today.  You would think this would be a joyous occasion, however, as with every payday, it is just another reminder that I have failed, rather spectacularly, to get my shit together.  Eighteen months on a part-time wage.  It's enough to make any girl worth her weight in Vogue run for the Prozac!  I even broke my, most sacred, Barcelona bikini diet & had a second bar of Green & Black's.  My thighs will not thank me, or my bank balance, tomorrow.

No, people, this was one pay check too many, I am finally ready to actually make an effort to seek full-time employment!  I mean I'm actually considered an adult in some countries!  Like, twenty five is considerably old these days!  Hell, peeps are getting married & procreating & shizzle!  Peeps I know!  Makes me literally sick to my Louboutins!  If I had any Louboutins.

I can't deny my materialistic intentions in life.  It's no good having a Michael Kors watch, if you don't have it in every finish (currently lusting over the acrylic version) & there's no point in having JC Litas if you don't have a pair to go with every outfit!  I mean, what am I, an amateur!

Enough is enough!

To help make me feel better (& prettier), I did a spot of late night online shopping.  Dangerous, I know, especially with my weak-ass wage, but I did manage to bag myself some bargains!  I got two pots of La Riche Directions Lavender hair dye (trying a new shade for July) & their shampoo & conditioner for fourteen pounds!  Holla!  I'm hoping the shampoo & condish will help keep the colour for longer, 'cause dang, that shit washes out quick!

But I'm excited in any case, as Miss Wall & I shall be taking TeamPastel (twitter ref, natch) on vacay to Barcelona for my anniversaire in just a few short weeks.  Where we shall bake ourselves Costa Rican, drink ourselves into Betty Ford & eat 'til we've gained a pound (no more, we still have to be seen half naked on the beach you know).

In the meantime, to further inspire you to join TeamPastel, as it lovingly takes over the summer...

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