We were caught up & lost in all of our vices

It was one of my favourite people's birthday on Sunday; Miss Charlotte Wall from The Tea Drinking English Rose & to celebrate, on Monday, myself, Charlotte & our friend Suz spent the day in Whitstable.

Thankfully the weather held out & it was lovely, sunny & warm for the most part.

We strolled along to the beach, popping into all of the cute little shops along the way.  There were several with the most amazing flowers for sale.  I wanted to buy them all!  I should buy flowers more often, the house seems so much nicer when it's filled with flowers.

When we got to the beach we stopped for a spot of lunch.  I went with scampi, Kent Beer battered sausage & chips!  I didn't manage to finish it all, but it was pretty yum.  I may have been pretty full, but I still managed to find room for a butterscotch ice cream afterwards.  Naturally!

After a cute day at the beach, the three of us went back to the car & had a slice of the lemon cake I'd made for Miss Wall's birthday.

I spotted this bit of artwork on a wall along the way & it pretty much summerised how I was feeling.