Took nothin from no man, man I'm my own man

In one of those 'as you do' moments, I asked mère to pay for me to get my septum pierced for my birthday.  I've wanted it done for years, but it's just one of those things I've never got round to doing.

So yesterday, I finally went & got it done!

Not gonna ball it, it hurt like hell.  Actually shed a tear when the needle went through!  I was so glad Sir Fleming was there to hold my hand.  I was originally going to go in & get it done on my own, which would not have been a good idea, as I almost fainted after it had been done!

I'm so pleased with it though.  However, walked into work today & my manager immediately ordered me into her office.  I literally started welling up straight away!  She said I could either take it out there & then, or have six weeks off unpaid 'til it heals & I can change the ring to something that can be hidden.  You can imagine how pissed I was, I actually burst into tears like a retard.  I'm not one for being told what I can or cannot do, especially with my own body!

I told her I wasn't going to take it out & although I'm in no position to lose my job, I would have happily walked out there & then on principle alone.  I think she knew that.  She called me back into her office a lil while later & said she'd compromise by letting me keep it in until it's healed & then I'd have to change it.

I mean honestly, it's not even a big ring!  Grrrr!  This has officially pushed me over the edge & I am now fully planning on going job hunt crazy!  No one puts Porritt Pants in the corner!  I'm so serious about this I'm going as far as to lose my precious claws & having regular shaped nails.  Typing friendly!  Fingers, toes, legs & everything else crossed that I can find something sooooooon!

[small sobs]


  1. oh nooooo! what a horrible horrible lady!!!

    big (non-)pastel hugs miss p!
    but it looks so cool! what is wrong with everyone these days?! don't know what's cool!

  2. I'm proud of you for standing up for your individuality xxx

  3. I know! I mean honestly, it doesn't affect how I perform at work! Thank you for the (non) pastel huggles Charlotte. :) xxx

    Thank you mère. xxx

  4. Aw! I have always wanted my septum pierced!! I have my lower lip done but I was too much of a wimp to get my septum! Isnt work such a pain in the ass!? I had to remove all my piercings for mine ;( Hope you find somewhere better soon!! xx


  5. I would say get it done, but it really does hurt! Still does! [sad face] Work is a major pain in my ass, like it makes any difference any way! Pffft! Thank you though, I'm hundy percent gonna start job hunting! xxx