I'm officially twenty five & not pretending anymore!

I decided to spend my twenty fifth birthday sipping cocktails with Miss Wall in Barcelona.

I thought it was a good idea.  I hate birthdays.  They just never live up to my expectations!  When I was a kid, birthdays were exciting & I felt really special on the day.  We always did something fun & I got LOADS of presents.  But now I'm no longer pre-pubescent, I no longer get bags of gifts, feel giddy with excitement or even feel remotely special on the big day.  So I have taken to spending it abroad, then I can ignore the fact that it's my birthday.  It's worked for the past seven years so, y'know.

This was my first birthday in Barcelona, but my third time in the city.  I love Barcelona.  It's like the perfect getaway.  It's got the bussle of the city with the relaxation factor of the beach.  Parfait!

Charlotte & I spent the first few days sunning ourselves on the beach.  It was incredibly hot & humid, but thankfully for once I managed to avoid burning!  I may not be blacker than liquorice now, but I am a pretty shade of mocha.  [sigh]

Evenings were spent dining out at fanciful restaurants around town, with every meal accompanied by cocktails & floral ice creams.  Turns out Barcelona is big on Mojitos!  On my actual birthday on Thursday, we decided to dine at my favourite restaurant Attic, on La Rambla, which has an amazing rooftop restaurant & bar.  They managed to fail with an over salty boiger but they redeemed themselves when they served up my pudding with a big fat candle in it.

Overall, I had a faboosh time & am now morose to be back to rainy England.  [sad face]  I am however, still in the process of receiving gifts & cards from friends (the benefit of being away for your birthday, you get to drag it out a bit), which is keeping me happy.  In fact tomorrow I am off to see Sir Fleming for lunch & to finally get my septum pierced!  Wish me luck!


  1. I had a perfectly lovely time--well, perhaps not THAT time when I was slightly sick-ish! oops.

    Yay for septum piercing tomorrow! picture me instantly!

  2. I'd completely forgotten about your sicky sicky poo poo moment! Bless you, I felt so bad! But I did otherwise have an AMAZING time with you, thank you so much for coming!!!

    I shall send you a snapperoo straight as & you know I'm gonna be Instagraming it! Haha.

  3. Your holiday pics are fab. It has made me want to visit even more!

    Love the piercing but oh my, it makes me feel faint just thinking about it! xx

  4. Thank you Victoria. I had such a great time! You should DEFINITELY go! It's honestly not expensive either.

    The sputum piercing is definitely not for the faint hearted, this I now know...Cried like a little girl! xxx