So, this weekend was redonkulous!  First off I had a MASSIVE breakdown over The Boy, who I'm thinking of renaming The Pleb.  (Thoughts?)  He basically kicked me to the kerb AGAIN, but in a more official heart breaking kinda way.  (Massive fucking douchebag alert!)

I had a massively hectic weekend planned, that I felt like abandoning with pathetic sadness, but thankfully refused to give up on in the end, 'cause hey bitches it was my friend's birthday & dumping on your friends in UNCOOL!  M'ckay!  Especially on their birthday!

So, I ploughed through work on Saturday & then hopped in my lil wagon & drove through the mean streets of Lewisham & some other unworldly places to get to Luceth's newly acquired abode in Kennington.  There was alcohol, there was pizza, there were some academic types & then there was South London Pacific.

Hawaiian themed bars that aren't uncool are hard to find, but we managed it.  Many pitchers of (loosely laced) alcoholic fruity cocktails were consumed.  A whole lotta dancing went down & the birthday girl made sure to have many a self-loathing aging complex tantrum.  Good times.

I have to admit, the night was made even better (if at all possible) by the fact that I met the hawtest guy, possibly in the world ever (okay, mild exaggeration).  Literally though, massive crush formed rather instantaneously.   I was like 'The Boy who!?'

Mr Neptune (as he shall formally be known), is still a tenderoni, but what appears to be a much more knowledgeable, put together kind of a tenderoni.  Give him some ink & I would be on it like a car bonnet!  No lie.  Dayumn fine kisser too!

After giving myself a whole four hours to recuperate,  I was back in the wagon, taking a lovely drive through Brixton, to get to work.  Balled my way through work, with thankfully, a not so horrific hangover & then headed out to Canterbury for teacup cocktails.

The only ish was the teacups were limited to ONE type of cocktail.  Who does that!  I felt I had a right to complain, but I relented & drank various other concoctions in martini glasses instead.  Dirty rotten bastards.

Joining me that evening was, my lover from another mother, SuzyQ & the delectable Charlotte Wall from The Tea Drinking English Rose.  Of whom I had not had the pleasure of meeting before!  I feel a somewhat instantaneous bond, to the degree that even if she didn't want to be friends...We're gonna be!

I believe we shall be frequenting The Ballroom more often from now on, though most definitely on a Saturday in future!  Last night was cute, live folk musik, soft lighting, but very quiet, whereas a Saturday night would clearly be more enlivening!  I also suspect it is the type of establishment that encourages the type of dapper bachelor I am looking for.  Mr Neptune is sumptuous, but one must always be equipped with options, especially after the last balls up!

To conclude, I had an amazing weekend, filled with friends, alcohol, French kissing... & have spent the entirety of today in bed, bar the short drive to the supermarché to get my mitts on some much needed chocolat!  If only every weekend  could be like this.  [sigh]


  1. I think all good men deserve a code name...Your choice was excellent. :) x