Finally went & got my claws did yesterday!

I feel like I'm a step closer to gettin' my swagger back!

I feel I've gone a bit Gaga & I don't even like Gaga...But I'm still liking the claws.  Although, texting & typing has become rather difficult.

Bar working on my swagger, I recently subjected The Boy to a meal avec ma famille.  He seemed to survive without being entirely scared off...I hope.

I don't think I understand men though.  They act keen one minute & then keen on someone else the next!  I'd rather someone be straight with me, but hey, some guys just don't have the balls, clearly!

Plus, social networking sites really don't help & don't think that I don't have the ability to track all your moves boy.  He be trippin' if he thought I wouldn't find out about his 'networking' with every brunette in click-able reach.

But hey, we're just 'company' right?  Well, if that's really all you want...?

Two can play at that game, mon ami.

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