REVIEW: Little Soap Company - English Peppermint with Poppy Seeds

Finding a soap that smells good, doesn't disintegrate into mush upon first use & doesn't dry out your skin to the degree it resembles a desert, can be hard to find.  Especially if you add organic, natural & vegan friendly to the requirements list.  However, it appears I have found something...

This delightful English peppermint with poppyseeds soap made by the Little Soap Company is perfect.  The smell is delicious, it's 100% organic, vegan friendly & doesn't leave my skin demanding a moisturiser.  Each bar is handmade & free from chemicals, which is what we like, considering how much our skin absorbs what we're putting onto it!

Currently available at Waitrose & some branches of Tesco, I would highly recommend giving this one a try.  They have a vast range of delightful variations.  Although it's a little bit pricey, it's worth shelling out the extra, knowing you have something that's going to be kind for both your skin & the environment.

I made sure to stock up before my travels & am currently taking a bar around with me, in a tiny tupperware box.  Proof that you can do organic skincare on the move!

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