Oh love, bastard ruddy love.  Oh how I miss thee.  That intense pain you put me through.  Those tears you make me cry.  When I'm out of breath, certain my life is about to expire from the inconceivable grief you leave me in.  I miss that.

They always say, you find love when you're least expecting it & so, I try to switch my light off & carry on, alone.  Attempting to find peace in my solitude & then, just as I think I'm doing okay, something happens, which serves to remind me, I miss love.

I miss it like I miss the heat on my skin, in the depths of winter.  I miss its ecstasy & its disillusionment.  How it comes up so abruptly, yet withers away so slowly, you think it might never leave & then, when it finally does, you feel numb.

How can something so beautiful be so cruel.  So unkind & so elusive.  I need love.  I love love.  I love giving love & sure as hell I love receiving it.  If only I could have some now.  Just a little hit, to see me through.  Come find me love, I'm waiting.

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