Now you're on your own, won't you come back home

I think the thing about London, is that it's one of those places which is great to visit & spend quality time in on a sporadic basis.  But when you're there all day, every day, working long draining hours on very little pay, it's not quite as much fun.

Plus when it comes to finding somewhere to live, well, you become acutely aware how little bang you get for your buck.  I may over the years have learnt to lower my standards, but crack dens I cannot do.

London is also an incredibly isolating place.  You power walk everywhere, whether you're in a rush to get anywhere, or not.  Nobody looks each other in the eye.  Nobody smiles.  I haven't smiled for weeks.  Anyone that walks remotely slower than you, you want to push over.  The staff in all the shops are so incredibly rude too!

Of course there have been some good times; the chocolate festival at the Southbank Centre, Winter Wonderland, Margaritas at The Connaught Hotel & more.  Although, this was all short lived once I got ill.  Firstly flu, which I was just getting over when I then got food poisoning from a trip to Byron.  Three weeks later & I'm not yet recovered.

It's been a somewhat miserable December, to say the least.  The new year however, has made me realise that life is far too short to spend being unhappy.  So I've handed in my notice & as of February will be heading back to the coast & once there I will be saving all my pennies for the next adventure; traveling round Italy!

So here's to the good parts of a winter spent in London.


  1. My friend moved to London a couple of years ago and I was so worried about her at first. Never mind house-share, she had to room-share in a house-share and didn't have 2 pennies to rub together for quite some time.

    I'm glad you're moving back and will be okay. If you were staying I'd have told my friend to look after you. You both remind me of each other in a lot of ways :)

    Stay safe! :) xx

    1. This was what I was struggling to commit to, a long battle of poverty. When you face the decision between committing to struggling for a while until things get better & taking your money & spending the summer in the sun in Italy...I'm not good with struggling.

      I hope your friend is doing better now!