I'm moving!

After careful consideration, I have decided to take the leap & move my blog to a new host.  I've spent over three years on blogspot & I feel as though it's time to move on & help develop the site.  I truly feel as though I have grown through my experiences, whilst traveling & nearing my twenty seventh birthday, I feel I now know more about myself, my style & my passions, than I ever did before.

My new site is very minimalist, clean & simple, a style which I have really developed a love for.  Mère has always been very minimalist, preferring every wall in her house to be white, whereas I have always loved colour, both in my wardrobe & my house.  However, having stripped everything away in my life, I have found a great fondness for simplicity.  My (very tiny) wardrobe now solely consists of white, black, grey & a hint of nude pink & I love the idea of a clean, white living space, when I eventually get a place of my own again.

Being continually on my travels, I love writing about my journey & all that comes with spending a life on the road, both emotionally, physically & romantically.  I enjoy photographing beautiful thngs & places, sharing delicious, vegan recipes & giving honest reviews on products & places.  I hope that if you enjoy sharing in my passions, you will join me at my new online home www.ouijetaimeaussi.com.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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