Spain's a pain!

Hola! Been in Spain for a lil while now & I have to admit, I'm not enjoying myself. Life's not the same outside of France. [sad face]

Spent a few days recuperating in Sabadell to begin with. Somehow we got ourselves a superbangtidy apartment for next to nothing. However, we were slap bang in the middle of a residential area, with nothing to do. So our two days were predominantly spent sleeping, eating & watching True Blood (our new addiction) on the laptop.

We eventually had to reluctantly leave our air conditioned apartment for shitty camping at Benicàssim music festival, in thirty degree heat! Thankfully Ellie had convinced me to pay out a little more & go VIP. I spotted the muggles camps & they were frickin' hard core merde! We at least got proper showers, flushable toilets (portaloos are the worst) & even a bit of astro turf (can't deny the turf)!

I was defo averaging two showers a day. It was crazy hawt! The musik didn't start 'til late, so we spent our days at the beach working on our tannage, hitting up the supermarches for cheap drinkage & spending time with our new turf friends. Have definitely met the best peeps this summer.

Things weren't going too shabby until Ellie's Mini got smashed in & some bastard stole the all important SAT NAV! Grrr! The Spanish police are also poubelle & no help at all! Thankfully the staff at the festival were life savers.

We managed to have a great last night, but the break-in has affected our mood somewhat. Feeling Spain & moi are not amis these days.

Getting to Barcelona without the SAT NAV was the biggest palava EVER! Do not know how people got anywhere without them before they existed! Maps are also merde! We now own about four!

We thankfully have another bangtidy apartment here in Barcelona with...wait for it...a washing machine!!! Oh yeah baby, nothing better than a forty degree cycle after a dust fueled festival!

Heading back to the homeland that is France on Thursday & I CANNOT wait!!! I may never ever ever visit Spain again after this trip...or at least not until so much time has passed that I have forgotten what traumas have occurred here!

Until then mes amis. x

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