Berlin - Day Three

On our last day in Berlin, it was finally warm enough to bust out, my much loved, denim dungarees.  Throwing them on with, my equally much loved, baby blue toile blouse, we packed up our bags & said a sad farewell to Hüttenpalast.

Taking a final look around, I thought how much I would miss its eccentricity.  The globes, the books, the collection of walking sticks & the pastel pink waffle dispenser, which actually worked & was free!  People mock me for my obsessional reading of the Mail Online, but I actually found Hüttenpalast, after reading an article about the place on their website!  So it just goes to show...

To end our trip as it began, Charlotte & I headed to Dunkin' Donuts, for a sweet breakfast treat.

Filled up with sugar, we headed for the Bauhaus Archiv Museum, for an afternoon of cultured entertainment.

We once again tried to pull the student card, in a bid to save pennies, but alas, they were having none of it without an actual student card.  So we ended up paying the €6 entry fee, instead of the €3 reduced fee.  Which, once I'd looked around, I heavily begrudged paying, considering the size of the museum.  One large room.  That was it & there weren't even other exhibitions on offer!

Feeling grumbly & disappointed, Charlotte & I headed off in search of bockwurst.  Unfortunately, this seemed to be the only thing we couldn't find!  Getting grumpy & hungry, we stopped for some much needed frozen yoghurt.

Refueled by out sweet treat, we continued our search for sausage & much to our delight, a few streets later we found some!  I can't tell you how obsessional we had become & how relieved & elated we were to find some bockwurst.  So ridiculous!

Finally full, Charlotte & I continued our day & headed off in search of R.S.V.P.. A tiny minimalist, store, selling, what can only be described as, luxury stationary.  Everything from washi tape, to cards, to notebooks, all displayed in neat piles on bare shelves.  Charlotte & I couldn't resist buying a few items to bring back.

After stopping for a much needed Afri Cola, we headed back to our favourite district, Kreuzberg, to seek out the Museum Der Dinge.  A small museum, hidden up, what felt like, a million flights of stairs, that housed an eclectic collection of, well, everything.

Phones, toys, kitchen equipment, even food, still in its original packaging, all from every era, 
grouped together in glass fronted cabinets.  There was so much to look at, I could hardly take it all in!

An adult price ticket is usually €5 & reduced is €3.  As the museum was holding an event, all tickets that day were charged at the reduced price.  Which obviously went down well with us.

Leaving the organised chaos of Der Dinge, Charlotte & I headed out for dinner.  We'd read about a Korean fried chicken place, in Charlotte's cool Berlin map, so we figured, as it had been so right about Burgermeister, we should give it a go.

On our way there, we stopped off for a few farewell cocktails, at a bar across the road.  We sat in the sun, sipping our fruity concoctions & reminisced about the past few days.  We were sad to be leaving.
Angry Chicken was like an upmarket KFC.  There were different levels of spice & the chicken came, simple, fried & in a basket.  The sweet potato fries were a let down, as they were essentially crisps & Charlotte wasn't so keen on the whole affair.  Perhaps one to go to in aid of a snack, rather than for dinner.

After our chicken, we headed back to Hüttenpalast to collect our bags.  I picked up some last minute cake & then we were off to the U-Bahn.  We took the train to Rudow, where we then took a bus, straight to the airport.  Then that was it, we were through security, after a grope down, running to our gate, as usual & on a plane home.

Quite possibly the best few days spent abroad.  I don't think either of us can wait to head back to Berlin!


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