Happy Boxing Day!

Today has mostly been spent taking Mr Piggles for his Boxing Day walk, watching my new French films & eating the Girdlebuster I made...

Unfortunately, although I am twenty four years old, I am still teething (evil wisdom tooth), the pain of which is putting me off eating.  There is so much food in the house, I don't know if we'll ever get through it!  I haven't even made my festive bubble & squeak with bacon, poached egg & hollandaise sauce!  Maybe tomorrow.


  1. I completely identify with the whole 'teething' thing. I am fifteen, and I still have to lose one more baby tooth! I lost one the other day, actually. It's rather embarrassing, as all of my friends are revealing their pearly whites after months of braces, and I'm just sitting there, like: "Hi... Yeah... Baby teeth..." I just have to stress that the dentist said that I was a normal developer. Even though I feel like she was lying to me.

    The Girdlebuster looks amazing!

    Happy Holidays!

    Love, Etienne xxx


  2. It's such a 'mare though isn't it! I've been living off Bonjela after buying some today. Life saver! The Girdlebuster is amazing & really easy to make! Happy Holidays to you too. :) x