New In!

I have managed to source some amazing vintage jewellery this weekend, all of which I am in love with & wish to keep!

The collection consists of pieces which originate from the 1950's, all the way through to the 1980's & surprisingly go very well together...

The pearl necklace is my favourite piece & is from the 1950's.  It looks stunning on!  The top earrings are from Italy & are about 1960's & the pearl earrings date from the '70s.  I think they all go rather lovingly together.

The necklace dates from the 1960's & the earrings, which are my favourite pair, are from the '80s.

We weren't able to clarify the heritage of this beautiful amethyst brooch, but we thought perhaps 1940's.  We couldn't be sure but I fell in love with is somewhat.

This bracelet features blood stones & faux jewels & originated from around the early 1900's.  Its design originates in Scotland.

All of these pieces will be photographed being worn & are all available to purchase on our boutique's online store.

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