Une Tragédie

I am so incredibly sad right now, as I have learned of Steve Jobs' passing.

I've been an Apple girl since I was ten, when my mum bought our first computer.  It was an original black Apple laptop.  I remember her updating it & getting the coloured clam shell version years later (which we still have somewhere).  I remember getting my first iPod when I was seventeen & shortly needing to get another one, as that one broke after excessive playing.

I've bitched about Apple no end.  Some of their products, mainly iPods, break & usually right after the warranty expires.  However, I'll always remain loyal.  I still have my old 120g iPod, which miraculously still works & may never be full (over five thousand tracks & they've not touched the sides).  I use my MacBook Pro religiously, (probably too much) which I only have because Apple gave it to me for FREE, after my three year old one died (I had no insurance either).  I abuse my iPhone, despite the fact that the button's stopped working & yes, I really really want to get an iPad 2.

So y'see, although Apple has made big bucks on holding back updated technology & some of their products can be crummy, our lives have been greatly improved by the work & initiative of Steve Jobs.  I for one am sad that his genius is no longer with us.  Really really sad.

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