Love Affair

So I've had an evil day from hell.  But, in my maturity, I have built a bridge & got over it.
I have also decided to re-dye my hair.  (yes, again!)  I'm going for all over chocolate brown.  No more ombre.
In preparation, I popped to Boots after work to purchase a tinting brush & accidentally got drawn in, by the devil named Topshop.  (bastard!)
I may have left with a faux fur cossack hat...I feel the purchase was a necessary addition to my winter wardrobe...At least that's what I keep telling myself.

I would like to point out that I simply loathe having my photo taken.  I find it abhorrent & I am also exceptionally un-photogenic.  It's a curse.  However, I wanted to show you the hat, as I am simply in LOVE!

I am off now to dye my barnet.  I shall pop a pic up of the hair if it looks nice.  If it doesn't?  You may never see me again.

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