Love Affair

It seemed as though my Ralph Lauren love affair was doomed, but then, just as I'd resigned myself to a life of regret, my Aunt stepped in & saved the day.

Et voila!!!  I am a happy woman!


  1. i'm not sure if you remember but i'm the girl who went uffie ageeees ago and asked you to send me the pictures as i stupidly forgot to take my camera on stage when she got everyone up!
    anyway, i haven't checked out your blog in a while but the other day i was talking to my friend about the mini trip round france that we're currently planning for june, and i couldn't help but remember all the posts you wrote about your grand aventure, and suddenly i thought i must have a look at that again for some inspiration!

    anyway, as we're doing it low budget we've decided to just visit about 4 areas over about 2 weeks, but i wanted to ask you what places in the south of france you would recommend the most!? we're going to paris first, then to the west coast, then down to the south, but i am so stuck as to where is the best party/beach place on the south coast. and if you have any recommendations of anything from places to stay to places to visit i would really really appreciate it!

    anyway sorry for my spontaneousness, but please let me know if you have some time! :)

  2. Hi Natalie, of course I remember you! I'm so excited that you're doing a trip! Are you driving/flying/training it??? Either way it sounds great! If you give your email address again (I won't publish it), I'll email you al the deets!!! :)