If it gets rough, it's time to get rough.

I have recently fallen in love with the band HAIM.  I am, as always, very late to their discovery, but now that I have discovered their wonderment, I am completely hooked!  So, to combine this new love affair, with my continual love affair with travel, Miss Wall & I have arranged a little adventure.

As of May, we shall be hopping on a flight to Berlin, to go see HAIM perform at the Lido.  Tickets for which we snapped up for mere pennies!

 We have also arranged to stay in the coolest place in Berlin: Huettenpalast!  An amazing hotel which offers you the opportunity to escape reality & immerse yourself in some fantasy.  Forgoing the usual contemporary hotel room, we are instead staying in an indoor cabin!  I did desperately want to stay in one of their vintage 1950s caravans, but alas, they are so popular, they were fully booked!

The last time I was in Berlin was January 2012, when I went with my friend Lucy & although I loved it, I felt that I didn't quite manage to do & see everything I wanted to.  Therefor, Miss Wall & I are going to be meticulously planning out this trip, so as to include all & everything, whilst still obviously allowing for any spontaneous happenings to occur!  I especially want to see the graffiti covered part of the Berlin Wall in the west, as I disappointingly didn't get a chance to last time.

I also want to revisit the Holocaust Memorial & spend a bit more time there.

I think we'll both be indulging in some bratwurst, sipping a fair few cocktails, lurking in cool cafés, generally exploring & taking a lot of photographs!  Can't wait!


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