We watch things on VCRs

Apologies for my absence, the past few months have been nothing but crazy talk!  As some of you will know, my dad died on the tenth of November 2009 & right on cue, every Autumn since, I start to shut down.  It's like I'm subconsciously going through the grieving motions.

This is normally where I make rather rash decisions.  The first year was to quit my job, leave my flat, move in with my mother, who lives on the edge of nowhere & save up to go traveling.  Unfortunately my life affirming travel plans turned into five weeks of partying with PDiddy, with Eleanor in the South of France.  Not quite what I had envisioned, but fun nonetheless.

Then the following year, I simply fell apart & ended up medicated for seven months.  That lead to no partying at all.  This was less fun.

This year it appears I'm going all out & packing up once again to move to London.  Casual.  I finally spoke out about my life grievances to my manager at work & she pushed me into a transfer to one of the company's London branches.  Not entirely sure why I didn't just do this before, but hey.  So now, as of the first of December I shall be working & living in London.

Of course, I'm not usually known for being organised.  However, after a brief meltdown, I did eventually pull my finger out & am now pretty much ready...Bar having somewhere to live.  Therefore November shan't be spent doing my usual campaigning for Movember, but instead, attempting to find myself a flatshare rather pronto!

In the midst of all this mayhem, my favourite person Miss Wall, from the fabulous The Tea Drinking English Rose, invited me along as her plus one, to Laura Ashley's Blog's First Birthday!  (That's such a mouthful!)

Situated in a room above their Kings Road store was a hub of Christmas fueled excitement.  Catered for by the Vintage Patisserie, we nobbled copious amounts of lemon scones, adorned with lavender clotted cream & rose brownies.  I may have overindulged a little.

I especially liked the vodka infused jasmine tea we were served in little vintage tea cups & saucers.  One can never deny the allure of a cocktail in a teacup!  I made sure to have several refills!

The music was provided for by the beautiful Liz Lawrence, who was just magnificent live!  A completely acoustic set, just her & a guitar.  Makes me even sadder that I'm tone deaf.

Despite my utter phobia of being photographed, I have randomly made a new best friend in JB, a photographer no less.  He made a valiant effort to film a small segment with me, but alas, after several hundred takes, mainly of me laughing, he gave up.  We settled for life long friendship instead.  Seemed only fair.

And just to keep you entirely updated; I have finally found a suitable manshape to fill the void where one once stood.  He is tall, skinny jean wearing (obvious essential), tattooed & bearded.  Everything my lil heart desires.  Although, his chosen profession, of which I shan't divulge, is completely ridiculous & I am not currently sure if it's working in his favour or not.  But hey, it beats dating an accountant...I should know!

My only issue is, I find myself being entirely guarded.  Which I hate.  I'm upfront, ballsy & completely honest.  I am the first to admit, I wear my heart on my sleeve.  Unfortunately, this past year has left me battered & bruised & now my ability to trust that someone won't emotionally wreck me, is well, null & void.  I guess only time will tell if he likes me enough to persevere through my bullshit.  [sigh]


  1. I'm glad things are starting to look up for you, my love. Glad you've got a yummy man-shape to direct your affections toward too. Will be thinking of you and sending you lots of positive vibes to help with those blues. lots of love
    Han. xx

    1. Thank you Han! Things are definitely looking up, even if they are in a bit of a muddle right now. Appreciate your warm fuzzy vibes. :) xxx

  2. Wonderful post.*_*
    Invite you to my blog...maybe you like it???
    My Blog

  3. loads of love for my little porritt!
    i promise not to emotionally wreck you. you cane depend on that miss p!

    1. I love your love Miss Wall & I appreciate it!